Event Details:

Event URL: http://www.pgmi.org/impservice.html#.Uq2NofS1ySo
Event Host: Dr. Peter Gammons
Event Date: January 2 - 12, 2014, 2pm & 7pm
Event Location: Central Florida Fairgrounds, 4603 West Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 32808

Event Description:

Join Rev. Paul Allen in Orlando, Florida for the Sons and Daughters of the Prophets Conference hosted by world-renowned evangelist Dr. Peter Gammons.  This historic tent meeting will feature the second generation of the major healing evangelists.   Come be blessed by the anointing and ministries of:

  • Donna Schambach – daughter of R. W. Shambach
  • LaDonna Osborn – daughter of T. L. Osborn
  • Jack Coe, Jr. – son of Jack Coe
  • Glenda Jackson – grandniece of Maria Woodworth-Etter
  • Richard Roberts – son of Oral Roberts
  • Dennis Lindsey – son of Gordon Lindsey
  • Richard Shakarian – son of Demos Shakarian
  • W. V. Grant, Jr – son of W. V. Grant

Paul Allen will be ministering Monday, January 6, 2014.  Come experience the next generation of a new move of God!

For more information please visit Dr. Peter Gammons Ministries International at www.PGMI.org.

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