23 – My Besetting Sin


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by A. A. Allen!

A Sermon as preached under the Great Big Top Tent!



My Besetting Sin

Written by A. A. Allen


This has been written, not in the style of a writer, but in the style of a preacher.

 I have given you this material in this style, feeling that many of you would find It refreshingly personal, as you might never find it in a more formal style of writing.

         My prayer for this book as it comes to you, is that It every weight and THE SIN WHICH DOTH SO EASILY BESET YOU, so that you may win the prize at the end of the race.

You must rid yourself of that besetting sin!

 “Everybody does It,” is not sufficient excuse!

        “Everybody” is not accomplishing the thing God has called you to do!

If you go along with “everybody,” you will never fulfill your calling. And when you stand before Him in the judgment, you will stand alone, to give an an account of His personal call to YOU!

“Listen” to this sermon, direct to you from my heart, as though you were sitting in the congregation under the Gospel Big Top tent, and let God speak to your heart!

– A. A. Allen


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