The Complete MUSIC Set! All 52 CDs!

$520.00 $399.00

For the first time EVER!

Receive ALL 52 A. A. Allen CDs!

A $520.00 value!

SAVE $121.00!

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For the first time EVER! Receive ALL 52 A. A. Allen CDs for $399.00!

A $520.00 value! SAVE $121.00!

Includes the Following Albums:

Miracle Valley Album

Meeting Tonight

Miracle Camp Meeting!

Good Time Children!

Reach Out, and Touch the Lord!

Heading Down the Trail!

Gene Martin Sings You Happy

Harvest Time

Miracle Music in Rhythm

Packing Up Getting Ready to Go!

Crying Demons

God’s Last Message

I Am Lucifer!

Peace In the Valley

Lord Lift Me Up!

Nancy Harmon’s Double Portion Album!

Joyful Praise!

Sing Unto the Lord!

The Healer of Broken Hearts

Miracle Help!

Traveling Shoes

The Blood

Up Above My Head

I Shall Wear a Crown

You Belong to God

I’ve Got It

God’s Got a Blessing For You!

Sounds of Revival

Gospel Organ David Davis Style

Restoration Revival Alive

Songs Of Zion

Trouble In The Land Will Soon Be Over

Music In The Air

Camp Meeting (Miracle Valley 10th Anniversary)

Restoration Singspiration

Sudden Destruction, No Remedy & Spiritual Suicide

He Died As A Fool Dieth

God Is a Killer

Did God Call Paul To Preach To The Black Man?

Prophetic Music

The Dawn Of A New Day

The Road of No Return


Do your Thing, For God

The Talking Bible Vol. 1: Prosperity

The Talking Bible Vol. 2: Healing

We Shall Be Like Him

Where The Roses Never Fade

Songs Of Spirit And Life – Richard Page

The Great 1971 Indian Camp Meeting

Days Of Yesteryear

Lord Touch Me

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