211- Prophetic Music


Prophetic Music


1. Atlanta Choir “Over My Head”

2. Bro. Roger’s Introduced Rev. A. A. Allen

3. Bro. Allen Introduces Man Healed of Back Injury, Who testifies

4. Exhorts on music driving evil spirits from Saul

5. Minstrel of Elisha  2 Kings 3:14-15

6. David’s 288 Musicians in Chron.

7. Lady in Wheelchair delivered by prayer

8. Instruments and Choir Prophesy. Lady Walks

9. David Davis and Sylvester Haynes “Introduces Prophetic Music”

10. Don Stewart Exhorts on prophetic music. David Prophesies on organ

11. Bro. Allen preaches on Prophetic music in Bible days

12. Sister Waters testifies

13. Bro. Allen prays for listeners

14. Choir sings “Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord”

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