1- Americas Sore Evil


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Will Russia Invade America?

What About Guided Missiles?

Will Deadly “G” Gas Be Used?



The most amazing, startling book of this generation. This book tells the dramatic story of a supernatural vision-revelation which God gave to Brother Allen, atop the Empire State Building.  As Brother Allen received this great vision, it was accompanied with scriptural references, the Lord himself speaking the scriptures that prove this revelation is real and scriptural. Filled with new scientific information that proves YOUR HOME is about to be INVADED.  One military leader, hearing this vision given in a sermon, declared, “Either this man has truly received a vision from God, or else has somehow come upon some of the Army’s top military secret!”



CHAPTER I          I Looked for a Man

CHAPTER II         America Guilty of the Sins of Selfishness

CHAPTER III        Fishers of Men

CHAPTER IV       World Evangelization by Healing and Miracles

CHAPTER V        What Could Be More Unfair?

CHAPTER VI       Total Commitment

CHAPTER VII       Ministry Vs. Ministry

CHAPTER VIII      He Sent His Word and Healed Them

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