Canvas Mural At Miracle Valley



The fully restored Mural at Miracle Valley can be


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For the first time ever!

The Mural  that witnessed thousands of miracles at Miracle Valley can be YOURS!

Rev. Paul Allen has produced a fully restored replica of the Mural at Miracle Valley.  Printed on high quality, thick canvas and restored to it’s original vibrant color, the mural is exactly to scale to the original at Miracle Valley.  It is available in TWO sizes, one 10 inches x 30 inches, the other 14 inches x 34 inches.  This would make a great addition to a home, an office, or a church.  Purchase one now for you and a friend!

  • Fully restored replica of the giant 10 foot by 30 foot Mural at Miracle Valley that witnessed the miracles behind Rev. A. A. Allen.
  • Available in 10 inches x 30 inches, and 14 inches x 34 inches.
  • Restored to the original vibrant color!
  • Printed on high quality canvas

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10 inches X 30 inches, 14 inches x 34 inches