7 – Deliver Me


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A collection of sermons exactly as preached by A. A. Allen under the Big Top Revival Tent before thousands through a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit as broadcast through television to millions!



Deliver Me


“This series of sermons is presented just as preached to thousands under the Miracle Revival Big Top Tent, as well as to our national radio and television audiences.  They were delivered in the power of the Spirit – under the anointing of the Holy Ghost – inspired of God.”

– Rev. A. A. Allen



CHAPTER I      The Gospel of Deliverance

CHAPTER II     Our Battle Against Demon Forces

CHAPTER III    Deliverance for the Whole Man Body, Soul, Mind, Spirit

CHAPTER IV    Deliverance from Demon Spirits

CHAPTER V      Failure of the Church to Take God at His Word

CHAPTER VI    Deliverance from Ridicule and Persecution

CHAPTER VII   Deliverance from Hindering Forces

CHAPTER VIII  Deliverance from Powerless Form

CHAPTER IX     Deliverance from Unscriptural Religious Influence

CHAPTER X      Deliverance from Unscriptural Church Government

CHAPTER XI    The Great Shepherd Delivers His Sheep

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