13 – Gods Guarantee to Heal You


Downloadable e-Book by A. A. Allen

God's guarantee to heal you perfectly and permanently without the help of drugs or medical science, a guarantee that is  backed up by all the power of God.

Will generate faith in your heart for you deliverance!



Inspired of the spirit, this hook is being mightily used of God to build faith for healing to all who read it with an open heart.  Written with a deep spiritual conviction that God has guaranteed healing to all who ask in faith, and that when healing does not come there is a reason WITHIN THE INDIVIDUAL, which can be corrected, bringing healing.  This book will inspire faith in the reader who has had no previous knowledge of the subject but is also written with the person in mind who has sought healing but has not been healed.

Chapters that will positively generate faith:

  • “Instructions to the Sick” (Answers why many do not receive healing!)
  • “Causes of Sickness”
  • “How to Receive Your Healing”
  • “Hindrances to Faith”
  • “Keeping Your Healing”


Chapter 1—”God’s Guarantee to Heal You”
Chapter 2—”Instructions to the Sick”
Chapter 3—”Is It God’s Will to Heal You?”
Chapter 4—”Causes of Sickness”
Chapter 5—”The Absolute Necessity of Faith”
Chapter 6—”Have the Faith That God Gives”
Chapter 7—”Hindrances to Faith”
Chapter 8—”Misconceptions in Regard to Healing”
Chapter 9—”Why Many Do Not Receive Healing”
Chapter 10—”How to Receive Your Healing”
Chapter 11—”Who Has Power to Heal?”
Chapter 12—”Miracles by Handkerchiefs, Aprons”
Chapter 13—”Keeping Your Healing”
Chapter 14—”The Importance of Your Testimony”
Chapter 15—”Price of God’s Miracle Working Power”

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